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List your top 5 carnival game booths!

16 years 6 months ago #133217 by ldhunter
The results are in... Our festival is finished and the kids and families had a great time! Not as big of a money maker as I would have liked, but it was a fun event that accomplished a little of everything; Fundraising, school/community togetherness, and joy to the kiddo's.

Our top carnival games were: 1) Hairspray booth, 2) Penny Pitch: We used different colored jelly bracelets for each picture and the kids kept coming back for more so they could collect all of the colors. I was quite honestly surprised that this was such a hit! 3) Soda-pop ring toss 4) the inflatables and climbing wall. 5) Sponge toss (1 line of each: spongee and sponge thrower.

Time for a volunteer break! Enjoy the summer everyone!
16 years 6 months ago #133025 by Not a UK Fan
Replied by Not a UK Fan on topic RE: List your top 5 carnival game booths!
A cake walk is, musical chairs amd who ever wins the game wins a cake. we do this every year at our fun fair. It is one of our most popular games. We do a cake contest the morning of our fun fair and use all that cakes that are intured for our cake walk. We are a school of around 320, and use approx. 60 cakes for our event that runs for 3 hours.

Instructions: line up chairs , number them, play music, when music stops pull out a number from a basket, whosever # gets called wins cake.
16 years 6 months ago #132999 by WONDERMOM
hello ! we just had a spring fling luau...our top booths were :

ring toss ( around cokes that we got donated from Dr Pepper)
jumping castle & 24 ft slide ( we rented these and they were a huge hit)
football & baseball & basket ball throw
plant walk ( the parents love this one !!!)
toy walk ( kids love this one !)
cake walk ( of course !)

there you go, hope this helps ! good luck
16 years 6 months ago #132826 by northeastmom
Cake walk--walk around a circle that is marked with numbers on thr floor, play music, when music stops you draw a number and the person standing on that number wins the "cake"
16 years 7 months ago #131558 by Menlo Tigers
Cake walk, bingo, dunking booth, hair & face painting and silent auction.
16 years 7 months ago #131552 by Not a UK Fan
Replied by Not a UK Fan on topic RE: List your top 5 carnival game booths!
For our carnival this year we are having these proven fun games: Roping, cake walk, golf, basketball Hot Shot, and penny toss. The roping was very popular and simple to set up and play. We got a bale of hay and called a local rancher who had a steerhead and roping skills. She came to the school and helped the kids lasso the steerhead. The kids had fun and the parents got lots of pictures. Our cake walk is played the usual way, our golf is a putting green that our custodian made (plywood cut and mounted on a slight uphill slant, covered with indoor outdoor grass, a hole was cut in the top center with a tin can cup underneath to catch the golf ball). We used regular golf balls and putters. Basketball Hot Shot is played similar to "Around the World" with students challenging each other. Penny toss is played by setting up clear glass dishes, bowls, and cups in a towers around an area rug. The kids toss pennies onto the plates for prizes. Our carnival is in 2 weeks, should be good!
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