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List your top 5 carnival game booths!

16 years 8 months ago #130369 by my3strongtikes
Oh this will help me out too. I am in the midst of planning ours.

frog flip (its a plastic frog that the kids flip into a bucket)

tattoo booth

Quarterback Challange (throw ball through hole)

basketball hoop throw


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16 years 8 months ago #130346 by TLGinTN
Mash Tent - like face painting, only using fake blood, making things look like broken bones/fingers, make-up for black eyes, etc... It's pretty gross, but the kids love it!

Balloon Animals



Cake walk
16 years 8 months ago #130343 by LUVMYKIDS
Face painting and hair decorating(think spray in hair colors), basketball shooting, ring toss for bottles of pop, cake walk, sponge toss(throw wet sponge at a human target).

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16 years 8 months ago #130338 by ldhunter
Hi everyone,

I am in the process of narrowing down the games for our spring carnival, and would like to know everybody's favorites. Not only am I interested in the ones that are profit makers, but also what the kids enjoy the most. Any input would be appreciated.
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