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Vp of PTO husband a registred sex offender

7 years 7 months ago #170842 by hawk
I think the school should STOP this, him coming to the school and getting by with it..Just because you feed the teachers all year round this does not give you the right to come into the school... This is my views on this ....Concered Parent
17 years 1 month ago #132606 by masonbebaby2
Thank you everyone for giving me such wonderful views regarding this. I know that it is not illegal to have the wife of the SO volunteer @ school, but there is so much chaos going around our school reagrding this situation. Guess there is no great mystery that this issue can't be solved. There are many views, and even the local police believe she should not be put in this role, there seems to be a "hands tied" situation here. It seriously creeps ALOT of parents out knowing that she could possibly get info for her husband. I just believe as a whole- school volunteers and spouses need background checks. Kinda like if someone had a drug dealer for a husband would you want him there? Our society is making all of us scared because there are too many unknowns, so the stuff we can control, like volunteers need to be investegated more deeply. Just cause she is a mom or he is a dad, doesn't always make them safe. I feel very unsafe and I just want to change that for me and my kids, at least in this case. The sad part about this is that none of the teachers even knew. Bad communication there, I think that teachers need to know so they too can protect our kids. Again Thank you all for your input, it has helped me look at her more real, still very scared and feel I need to protect my kids.
17 years 1 month ago #132559 by VOR
jurijeka, WELL SAID

Some talk about how she shouldn't be putting herself out there in the public eye because of this. Maybe she has nothing to hide, so being in the public eye isn't even a consideration to her. If she has nothing to hide, talk to her instead of about her. Maybe she really enjoys the duties the positions hold. Saying she shouldn't put herself out there because of her husbands public record (which all arrests are, not just sexual ones,) is like saying she should crawl onto a hole and not live her life to the fullest because of what her husband did who knows when.

All sexual preditors are wrong. Let me be clear. Sexual abuse to children or abults is rampant and sad. I find it disturbing how much of it there really is, so make no mistake that I am making excuses. I just wanted everone to remember that, one, our justice system is not flawless and two, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, this thread is about the wife, not the husband. Can anything be done to stop the wife? From doing what? Helping?

Anyway as it sounds to me, mason herself stated, all the proper authorities have been notified and anything that can be done, is being done. So if we (i use this word in a general term) are unhappy with THAT result, write your congressman, petition to change the laws. Until those rules change, leave her alone, untill she actually does something illegal.

P.S. please don't say when she does something illegal it's to late and we could have prevented it by taking action now. That's like saying Jane Doe is an alcoholic and killed someone in a drunk driving accident. Since alcoholism is hereditary we should not give her son John Doe a drivers licences cause he might drink drive and kill smeone.
17 years 1 month ago #132556 by masonbebaby2
Yes I was the one who started this. It is because there is this "gray" area that is so hard to get to. The parents at the school are mad, as I am. We feel that the principal doesn't care. It is a moral issue more than a legal. I believe that morally this woman should not be in the "spotlight". If this was me, and again glad it is not, I would not want people to know this and make it so public that all there is is chaos in the school. This woman is on a power trip because she has said to people" I am here and you can't do a damn thing about it". I believe that with that attitude she is doing that for her and not any kids. It makes me sick because the school's hands are tide. Get back to you later...........................................................
17 years 1 month ago #132552 by VOR
i agree with you , CC. my thinking was, it was getting away from the original post, thats all, and oftentimes i have noticed when it diverges, a post gets closed.
if theres a post 'discussion group about xyz' on that general theme, great, i will be there.
i think its a HUGE problem and not enough schools are taking it seriously enough and doing enough to protect the kids.
i think we should teach self defense to our elem school girls (and boys). it is desperately needed. self empowerement is. am looking into an after school program to start.
anyway, i am outta this thread.
17 years 1 month ago #132550 by CrewChief
I don't think the thread needs to be closed. This is a very real and valid concern. Parent groups face these issues. We have to be able to discuss these very dark issues as much as any other if we're to successfully "enhance the learning environment".

In my original post, I did say that the mother should not be judged based on the father's crimes. Also, that I believe it's more a school safety issue than a PTO issue. I know that the PTO has to follow rules and laws too.

It's the additional information and the few who came in to attempt to allow the RSO some benefit of the doubt and the mother near complete absolution that upsets me.

The reasons for establishing registered offender policies are to protect the children. If any of the steps in the process are skipped, children are in danger. That includes the steps of other adults being aware of who is registered, knowing when they break the rules and reporting it.

My words were harsh and I offended some people. For that I sincerely apologize. Especially if it caused anyone pain. It pains me to know that these things happen. The three stories I shared are sad, painful and happened to people I know and love. Maybe they wouldn't have happened if someone, anyone, would've seen it, really seen it, and reported it.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."

"The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat but in the true perfection of one's character."
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