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Vp of PTO husband a registred sex offender

17 years 1 month ago #132513 by dlf
Please help, the vp of our public school husband is a registered sex offender with a 13 and under on his record.

From the original post (not sure how folks get that little highlight thingie around it). Anyway--maybe I'm way off base, but the PTO isn't a social services group. If this woman has difficulties dealing with her emotional relationship with her spouse, I'd be the first one to introduce her to programs meant to support her but I wouldn't be on the board with her. You are right that if she was elected then she has the right...I suspect I would step down unless there are some seriously mitigating circumstances.

17 years 1 month ago #132503 by VOR
Pals mentioned somthing about "Level of offender". This may be an important fact that is being ignored. My husband and I were checking out the registry one year and he found an ex girlfriend from high school on it. As the facts palyed out, she (the RSO) was 18 and her boyfrind was 17 and they got caught having sex, and the parents of the boy pressed charges against the boys will. This is fact. My husband knew this girl and "witnessed" the relationship (in high school). But all the web sites say is rape. So, because these websites are not real clear, you never know what really happened. So as far as the VP staying with the guy...we don't know what really happened. She could be in some state of abuse as Pals said, or just a piece of the guys future, y a never know.
17 years 1 month ago #132492 by pals
so for my own reference I went to the NYS sex offender law website. The site explain that there were three levels of offenders and depending on the risk they are given a level that they msut registered for.
They also said that if a offender has a child at a school or child care facility that the chief administrator of supervising agency can grant authorization to the offender to enter the property for specific reasons. I thought I had rememebered something like this from a few years ago in a neighboring district where the father was allowed to watch a child perform. So that is what NY says...maybe looking at your state might help. Yes these people are still consider parents and still can demand rights...fair? NO!!

"When you stop learning you stop growing."
17 years 1 month ago #132491 by pals
DLF I understand your frustration and will only say that alot of times it is hard for abuse victims to break free from that marriage, they themselves have been denied their own feelings and beliefs, often feeling they have no rights or choices. that is why I believe that the PTO may be the only out she has, that connection with people she can talk with, she was elected to this position so she must be liked somewhat.

As far as the school allowing him on grounds they MUST know what they can and can't do. I am questioning what level offender he actually is and what limitations that was put on him. NO school in the right mind would allow this to happen unless their hands are tied.

"When you stop learning you stop growing."
17 years 1 month ago #132481 by dlf
Okay--I'm sorry but I have to say this...if her husband is a registered sex offender...and she has children at the school...why the bleep bleep is she still with him? I'm all for forgive and forget in most instances...and don't believe in lighting the torches for her...but I certainly would not want my children around a parent who's spouse has committed such an act and decided to "stay with them". For what--the children's sake? PTO aside...I wouldn't have them be any part of my child's life.

17 years 1 month ago #132480 by VOR
I dont see that the VP has done anything wrong or has been judged on these boards by the responders.

IMO the only thing that smells a rat here is, a school that allows SOs to come onto school property during school hours (unless the laws there are otherwise -- here they cant come within 500yds or something, of our school) if in fact that happened.

If the principal says the rules are being followed, and those rules dont include anything that says SOs cannot come onto property, then even the principal hasnt done anything wrong.

You have to go with the rules and policies of your school, and if you dont like the rules, or want to be the voice that enacts change, the best thing to do is voice yuor opinion at the next school board meeting. I would not get bent out of shape over her taking photos, UNLESS AGAIN, your principal is not enforcing the school policies. If you dont have a photo policy, then aggain, she has done nothing wrong.
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