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replacement for mom's and muffins & dad's and donuts

19 years 5 months ago #118225 by mcconnmommy
These activities would most definitely have to take part after school but how about . . .
A Movie with Mom
Dodgeball with Dad

19 years 5 months ago #118224 by Kelly Duhon
Texas has new laws governing our food/nutrition. We are no longer allowed to have Mom's and Muffins and Dad's and Donuts. We all enjoyed this in the past and now I can't think of what to do to replace it. I have one planned for September. I need an alternative. I was told that it is very complicated - (I don't think I can serve food b/c of competition with the cafeteria PLUS I can't serve muffins and donuts b/c of their nutritional value.)

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