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replacement for mom's and muffins & dad's and donuts

19 years 5 months ago #118231 by backhoed
Well, doesn't that bite! (burp.. sorry)
19 years 5 months ago #118230 by JHB
It's likely the school doesn't have firm answers yet for all the grey areas and will err on the side of caution in establishing policies. The state agency administering this program is snowed under with hundreds of questions from schools and families, so it may take some time for additional clarifications/exemptions to become clear. (I've posed this question with with them, and will post when/if I get an answer.)

The term "competitive foods” comes from the federal regulations overseeing the School Lunch program. It is defined as

food or drink sold in competition with the National School Lunch Program and/or the School Breakfast Program in food service areas during the meal periods.

Texas has implemented a strict version of these policies that outlaws providing any food/drink to students during the school day that is not provided by the school food service entity. There are a few exemptions - such as allowing a healthy snack in the classroom, field trips, birthday treats, and 3 designated exemption days for celebrations. (Kids can, of course, still bring their lunch.)

Here's the current " Quick Guide " to understanding the new Texas policies.

Donuts for Dad/Muffins for Mom gets complicated because the students are usually included along with the parent. Until/unless an excemption is granted, we'll all be looking for a substitute activity.

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19 years 5 months ago #118229 by backhoed
Talk to your principal or Superintendent and find out exactly what you can and can't do regarding food. I would also find out about "cafeteria competition", as you stated. Get them to spell it out for you in "101 dummies style" so you know where you stand. Then go from there. It seems like the new policies have some gray areas for you and you should go and find out and get it straightstarting right at the administration level.
19 years 5 months ago #118228 by H&GMom
I am confused, is the issue coming up with a rhyme or theme that sounds cute? I would first ask your board what your objective is in having the event. What I mean is, if your objective is to have the parents come in and quietly observe the kids while they work in the classroom (to see for themseves what the kids are doing) then who cares whether they eat or not... call it DAD DAY and MOM Morning (hey, that's kind of cute). If your objective of the moms and muffins was a social hour then you can maybe have the kids and moms/dads do one of the regularly scheduled school activities with the kids in the classroom (maybe shift the activity to the morning). It may be a simple craft or flash cards or math sheet or spelling bee with parents participating. Just keep it simple and fun.
19 years 5 months ago #118227 by LUVMYKIDS
What if you work with your food services people and still have a breakfast event? Could they provide something for everyone at a reasonable cost?

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
19 years 5 months ago #118226 by justme
We have Buddies Night for the Dads games in gym bonfire outside w/ the fire dept. and we do food but it would be ok without just different activities. Don't have a moms activity yet.
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