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Re:Auction donations received

16 years 3 months ago #140891 by The 6 Cs
Auction donations received was created by The 6 Cs
I am chairing our silent auction this year which is held in conjunction with our school carnival. A few weeks ago I sent out about 100 letters to national companies. I read a lot of websites to find out what their policies were. If it wasn't listed I emailed them and asked. I have committee members who will go in person to the restaurant and store chains that said you needed to ask locally. So far I have recevied donations from...

Chipotle - done online
Portrait Innovations
Mimi's Cafe
lots of local museums and theatres

I have received No's from...

Bigelow Tea (we aren't in one of their office areas)
bd's mogolian bbq

All of the info and addresses can be found on the company websites. I will post more as they come in. Anyone else have any others to share?
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