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Re:Auction donations received

14 years 4 months ago #151794 by Leslie W.
Replied by Leslie W. on topic Re:Auction donations received
Our event is in February, so we're nearing the home stretch of soliciting donations. We've had luck with some of the great new ideas I found on this board--Keurig, Disney, and Stampin' Up, for instance. And we've submitted requests to most of the local businesses that have supported us in past years, with about a 65% success rate. It's obvious that the economy is taking its toll, even on our regular supporters.

Given that, we've decided to spend more energy this year on asking our creative parents to work together to organize events that we can auction off to school families: summer grill parties, theme dinners, outdoor adventures, knitting classes, a camping trip, and the like. Last year I contacted our state representative, who offered both a tour of the Capitol and dinner for 4 at her home, which was amazing. The parents who won that item had a great time talking with her about all kinds of state budget and school-related issues while her husband cooked dinner for everyone! I've written to ask if she might help us again in some way. I know that another school in our neighborhood usually gets the Mayor to offer a tour of City Hall or a coffee get-together for their auction.

Given the economy, we think that our energy might be better spent on finding fun or unique experiences that can bring our community together, rather than finding stuff that we have to sell. We have a really engaged and active parent community, and so far people have seemed very receptive. We'll see how it goes!
14 years 5 months ago #151737 by Hope
Replied by Hope on topic Re:Auction donations received
How did your auction end up? I am the chairperson for our school auction in April and my responses from big companies have been not too terrific. Do you ahve any suggestions for me?

14 years 5 months ago #151732 by Hope
Replied by Hope on topic Re:Auction donations received
Thanks for all the great info!! Such good ideas!!
14 years 6 months ago #151414 by supermom4
Replied by supermom4 on topic Re:Auction donations received
Tonya- That sounds like it would be a great return for our school! Mind sharing some of your donation successes??
14 years 6 months ago #151403 by Tonya
Replied by Tonya on topic Re:Auction donations received
Can some of you tell me what your success has been for raising so much money on the auctions. In 2010 we will be having our 2nd Mardi Gra Gala and at this event we offer food, drink, silent and live auction as well as gambling. This past Feb was our first event and we had tons of donations, I believe we ended up with about 80 silent auction items that ranged from $10 - $300 in value. However our total take on the silent auction was 7744.35 which we had hoped for more. Does anyone have some tips to throw my way that may help us increase that number for this next year?
14 years 6 months ago - 2 years 7 months ago #151246 by slfournier
Looks like my last post doesnt show up correctly...

Thanks to all of those who have posted national companies who worked for them!! So far, I have got back YES from the following:

I filled out the form last night and this morning I had an approval. They are sending 4 one-day park hopper passes valued at $524.

Filled this one out last night as well and had an approval this morning after I filled out an application they sent me. They are sending me a Platinum Keurig valued at $169 and a case of coffee valued at $55. The link above gets you to their home page. From there, go to Company > Contacts > Promotional Requests for...Nonprofits > click the link to fill out their inquiry form.
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