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The ULTIMATE Donation List

13 years 2 months ago #157027 by momuv3
I just got my box of stuff from Stampin'Up...WOW, they are really generous!!! Does anyone know about what the value is? I want to be able to put the value on the items up for auction. Thanks!!

Plus I have received items from:
Mt Olympus in WI Dells(4 all day tickets for indoor water park & theme Park)
Top Secret in WI Dells (4 admission tickets)
Racine Zoo (4 tickets)
Reiman Publications(1 Taste of Home magazine & subscription)
Plus got an approval letter for the Keurig coffee maker & 4 boxes of the coffees
13 years 2 months ago #157011 by tracy
Replied by tracy on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
We are a Catholic school and got Disney tickets. I used the school code for private schools instead.
13 years 2 months ago #157000 by rm9116
I hope that AirTran also notifies based on the date you said that you need to know, since my event date was 4/30 too. I said I needed to know by 4/15 and applied 2/2.

To check status on AirTran request, go to

Received $35 giftcard from Gymboree and the Wheel of Fortune package yesterday and a few local things today. It's just like Christmas, except that I don't have to pay for it.

13 years 2 months ago #156991 by MiMi's Mom
Replied by MiMi's Mom on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
I just received a Yes for the AirTran tickets nd I wanted to know if anyone could tell me what the blackout and restrictions are.

The email said the restrictionw would be on the back of the certificate so I was hoping those that have received the tickets could let me know.

We are going to do online auction starting next week before we do the live auction and I want to make sure I explaing the blackout and restrictions properly.
13 years 2 months ago #156988 by STLMommy1
I applied to AirTran back on 12/27 and heard last week from them with their approval. I checked about every other day as to our status and just assumed it was going to be a no response until we got the email! Some things are obviously well worth waiting for.

As of now, I have all our donations in hand that we have been promised with a retail value of about $17k for all of them as well as about 10 priceless items. We sent out the "auction teaser" last week to the parents so they could ponder over the auction packages for a week (our auction is 4/9). The excitement has really built up this year and the families/attendees are PUMPED to start bidding.

I can't wait to wake up on 4/10 and say, "HOw much did we raise?"
13 years 2 months ago #156985 by Annie
Replied by Annie on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
I had great success using this site and local donations. We had our Tricky Tray Friday night and made $20K. It is a lot of work and a large commitment. It talkes over your life but it is well woth it in the end. I recommend following up with companies, it does help. We rcvd donations from Pearl Paradise, Lakeshore, Oriental Trading, Sports Teams, Comedy Clubs, Authors, Restaurants etc. It doesn't happen over night, so keep trying and don't get disappointed when you get a rejection letter. We had over 325 baskets and it was a great success. Good Luck to all!!!
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