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The ULTIMATE Donation List

14 years 8 months ago #151268 by Mandi
Replied by Mandi on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
Wikki Stix
No direct response /Package Received 1 week later
Board & 12 packs of Wikki Stixs

Steve Gray
Reponse less than 1 week
2 children's books
14 years 8 months ago #151267 by JenVance
Replied by JenVance on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
I have also received confirmation from Keurig that our school will be receiving a Platinum Brewer and K-cups via the link you posted.

Brooklyn Cyclones
  • Brooklyn Cyclones Donation Requests
  • 1904 Surf Avenue
  • Brooklyn NY 11224
  • Response Time: About ten days
  • Donation: 4 Bleacher seats for any 2010 Game

New York Giants
  • New York Giants
  • Community Relations Dept
  • Giants Stadium
  • East Rutherford NJ 07073
  • Response Time: About ten days
  • Donation: Not sure but I have received a postcard that a donation will arrive about a week before our event.
14 years 8 months ago #151265 by slfournier
  • Response Time: Approved in 1 Day
  • Donation: 1 Platinum Keurig valued at $169 and a case of coffee valued at $55
  • NOTE: When you get to keurig's home page, mouse over 'Company' at top of page > Click on Contacts > Scroll down to Promotional Requests For... and click on the link to their form.
14 years 8 months ago #151264 by slfournier
I've noticed that a lot of the listings for auction/raffle donations are quite old. Both the economy and company policies change over time, so I am starting a new Thread. I have found it tedious to go through pages and pages of a thread to get what we all really want - Names and contact info of national corporate donors people have been successful with. So, I ask the following:

1) Only list sources you have had success with.
2) If you have questions for a poster, please contact them directly - not through this thread. This thread is supposed to be a Listing.
3) Use the following format for your listing

-- Mailing Address -or- URL for online form
-- How long it took you to get a response
-- What did the company donate?
-- Your comments
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