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The ULTIMATE Donation List

11 years 10 months ago #161647 by kimme94
Laura did you have contact names at the hotels? I'm in CT (Fairfield County) and I'm having a hard time getting any to say yes.... Any suggestions?
11 years 10 months ago #161646 by Laura
Replied by Laura on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
Thanks for the advice and info Ninja4Good. Going to try BFG and let everyone know how it works out. According to some information they sent, they get companies to donate auction items you can use. So will let everyone know what we get and how it goes.

Liz--We received donations from Marriot, Best Western and Hilton---weekend stays and free breakfast and 1 free dinner at 1 hotel. We are in NJ--But these same hotels said no to our tricky tray.
11 years 10 months ago #161645 by Ninja4Good
Hi Laura,

Most larger, corporate companies will not donate to raffles or tricky trays. In their opinion their donation is better suited for auctions, since auctions are perceived to have higher valued items, and of course can bring in larger amounts of money. Disney Corp. is one of those companies that only donates to auctions, either live or silent.

Make sure you shop around when you have a Sports Memorabilia company bring items for consignment. You want to get the best quality items, with the best margins. You can also haggle the prices down.

My experience with online auctions has been minimal, but I do see the value in reaching a broader audience, and that can only help with larger bids.

I have heard about Bidding for Good. They have a very good reputation, but all of their auctions seem to look the same. That is the only negative thing about them that I have heard. If organizing an auction is too much for you to do right now, why not look into BFG. Always hire a pro when you need help. It pays off in the long run.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your fundraising efforts.
11 years 10 months ago #161644 by Liz
Replied by Liz on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
What hotels have you been succesful with?
11 years 10 months ago #161642 by laura
Replied by laura on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
Has anyone found that larger companies are willing to donate to a silent auction as opposed to a tricky tray? Having our first silent auction in Nov and some larger hotel chains are willing to donate to this rather than the tricky tray which we had at the beg of the year.
We are using a company that is bringing sports


to auction off and trying to get other types of donations.

Has anyone had experience with online


such as bidding for good?

11 years 10 months ago #161639 by kimme94
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if someone could help me... I'm in need of a Silent Auction Catalog/Brochure. I can't seem to find a template any where (on this site or online). What should be included (a letter, description of how the auction works, etc) and should it include EVERY auction or just a few? Please help, my auction is in 1 month. Maybe if someone has an example of what they've used in the past?

My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks in advance :)
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