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bidding for good

13 years 3 months ago #157001 by rm9116
Replied by rm9116 on topic Re:bidding for good
I've had only 1 "yes" from a company that uses BiddingforGood and many didn't reply. I don't know whether the results are typical, since we are a small Christian school in a relatively small city so we don't offer much in the way of market size, but we aren't using BFG services either. I'd like to think that not using BFG isn't the reason.

13 years 3 months ago #156999 by anonymous
bidding for good was created by anonymous
I filled out a number of applications for auction items through Bidding for Good. We did not purchase their services but several businesses use their application. I found that I got a lot of NOs from those businesses affiliated with Bidding for Good. I'd like to hear other's experiences with them. Did businesses say no because I didn't buy BFG's services? Thanks and good luck with your events!
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