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bidding for good

5 years 3 months ago #167197 by love to volunteer
Replied by love to volunteer on topic bidding for good
I have done several auctions and have used bidding for good several times. My biggest complaint is that their help desk is nonexistent and that their "community" has not been vetted. I initially thought having access to fund raising outside our community was a great idea until we had to start dealing with unreasonable winners. The last three years our school has had to get duplicate donations because donors/winners have claimed that they did not to receive their items. We even sent them signature required through UPS. It happened again this year with even more "winners" have made this claim and there is nothing Bidding for Good can do about it. Anyone can bid and win items on your auction. I am beginning to think Bidding for Good has been targeted by scammers.
2 years 1 month ago #172466 by Starling Hall
Replied by Starling Hall on topic bidding for good
Is this still happening?
Did you stop using Bidding for Good?
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