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2014 Ultimate Donation List

9 years 6 months ago #165358 by Susan
Replied by Susan on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Nella, gourmetgiftbaskets donates a gift certificate if they grant it to you.
9 years 6 months ago #165357 by MkeMom
I didn't even bother with companies that use Bidding for Good. After getting no response at all or getting a "No", I started skipping those companies and going on to others. We didn't get a single yes from any of those businesses.
9 years 6 months ago #165356 by Nella
Replied by Nella on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
We usually get an answer also even if it is a No from Bidding. Is Gourmet baskets a fresh basket? If so, I dont want to order too early.
9 years 6 months ago #165353 by Susan
Replied by Susan on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
I've almost always for a reply, even if it was a no for most.
9 years 6 months ago #165352 by California Mom
Replied by California Mom on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Our auction is coming up in 2 weeks and I have yet to hear back from any (not a single one!) of the companies that use Bidding For Good. We are not using their product. Is that standard? Will you only get responses if you use the system?
9 years 6 months ago - 9 years 6 months ago #165347 by MkeMom
This sites has been an absolute God Send for me! Our event is soon approaching and I thought I'd share a list with some of the companies that we got a "Yes" from. My advice is to Google anything you can think of (donation request, charitable giving, etc). I even got a campground to donate a stay while I was booking my family's camping trips for this summer. Look at the receipts in your purse and start asking the businesses you frequent. Good luck!!

American Girl
Arlington International Racecourse
Auto Zone
Bluegreen Vacations
Boxing Cat Entertainment (Tim Allen)
Canvas on Demand
Charity by Design
Coopers Hawk
Dick's Sporting Goods
Drury Hotels
Eric Carle
Field Museum
Highlights for Children
Jan Brett
Jelly Belly
Jimmy Johns
Milio's Sandwiches
Museum of Science and Industry
Noodles & Company
Oriental Trading
Panera Bread
Portrait Innovations
Shedd Aquarium
Rack Room Shoes
Silpada Foundation
Stampin Up
Thirty-one Gifts
Udi's Gluten Free
Wines For Humanity
Trader Joe's
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