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Ultimate Donation List

8 years 3 weeks ago #166940 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Ultimate Donation List
Childrens' authors some have had luck with:

Eric Carle
PO Box 485
North Hampton MA 01060

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hyperion Books for Children
Attn: Mo Willems
114 5th Ave
New York, NY 10011
8 years 3 weeks ago #166941 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Ultimate Donation List
Tracking and managing your lists of donors isn't always easy. Here's a suggestion from a community member:

We use google docs (GOOGLE DRIVE) o create a master list that everyone can see. You have one administrator and then add everyone's email address. We also created a timeline on there so we can keep track of what we have to do. Hats off to everyone who does an auction/raffle. It is the most time consuming job out there but it is so exciting when you get a "yes" or my son comes home with mail for me from school.
8 years 3 weeks ago #166942 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Ultimate Donation List
Good suggestion: Definitely worth reaching out to national companies, but don't forget the local ones. They are often very helpful!

It's cool to get these big company donations, but the best response you will get from your local community. These just take time and people. Lots of restuarants will respond to a letter, but many you need to walk in and ask.
You need volunteers to go get these! That's the hard part. You can send letters then follow up with a phone call, or stop in when you're out and about.

We also have each class chip in 10-20 and pick a theme basket, that way we have several really decent basket/prizes. Everyone always comes up with creative gift ideas. We also encourage all families to participate by acquiring donations.

Contact all of your local, state and federal legislators. We got a whole Washington DC tour package from one last year and an American Flag that has been flown over the white house as well.

We give an assortment of non dollar amount prizes too, like front row seats to the spring and next year's Christmas program. Each of the teachers gives a lunch with a student, we give things like permission to chew gum in class one day, be the secretary's helper for 20 minutes, extra 10 minutes of recess for your class, the local fire and police give a ride in their vehicles,

We also offered last year the option to give a direct financial contribution and get their name posted for the night. This was nice as it gave us a little money to purchase a few cool gifts to fill in the blanks. This was a way to hit industrial businesses that didn't really have a product to donate in a basket/gift card type.

Just some ideas that may be helpful to others.
8 years 3 weeks ago #166943 by fundraiser mom
Replied by fundraiser mom on topic Ultimate Donation List
Re: obtaining flag from state legislators - I wonder if those states offering this for "free" are less densely populated than where I live (Long Island) - we'd have to pay for the flags if I recall correctly when I looked into this over the summer.

Also wondering if anybody heard back from winners of the Atlantis Casino & Spa donation from Reno, NV regarding their experience at the Resort? Debating whether or not to contact them given the distance from where I live. Still, for a 2-night package, a person could use some air miles and then purchase a few additional nights on their own...
8 years 3 weeks ago - 8 years 3 weeks ago #166956 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Ultimate Donation List
Sharing tips from fundraiser mom on how to make donation requests personal:

1. I always attach our PTA letter to any emails I send out as well as to any on-line donation requests that provide an opportunity to attach documents. Our letter is PTA letterhead and not school letterhead. In prior years we've also had the school principal approve the letter as well, though not every year. If I send the letter and personalize it a bit for someone I feel the principal should be aware of (elected official, a person the principal has school connection to, then I think it's prudent to run that version of the letter by the principal. It also takes a lot of time to assemble the baskets, especially when you need to decide what to combine. And you can also ask your principal about offering prizes such as "Principal for a day" (or lunch with the principal), "art-teacher for a day," etc. No cost to obtain and those prizes tend to be popular. FInd out if you can send an email blast to your school PTA members to see if any families have prizes they can donate. GOOD LUCK

2. It's better to personally go into local businesses. Sometimes I've left our letter their mailbox and then telephoned later that day - that's typically b/c the business was closed when I went there. It's ALOT of work and often you need to follow-up to pick -up the donation. You might have a local dentist who will donate a free exam/cleaning, a free teeth whitening, etc. I have never gotten a donation from a lawyer but would LOVE to have a prize like a 2-hour consultation for drawing up a will, a trust, etc. GOOD LUCK to you too.
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