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Ultimate Donation List

9 years 3 months ago #167062 by donationmatch
Re: National chains with quick turnarounds

I've had success asking local managers of with Cheesecake Factory, Buca di Beppo, Fogo de Chao, and Safeway/Vons (grocery stores).

Good luck!
9 years 3 months ago #167061 by superdeluxe
Replied by superdeluxe on topic Ultimate Donation List
Does anyone have thoughts on businesses that are able to offer donations in a quick turnaround? I know many local businesses can, but I'm speaking more about national/regional businesses that make decisions by store?

I believe walmart/target you can walk into the store, and if they have any GC remaining for the month they will contribute. I think Olive Garden does as well?

As for places in my area that were a 'success' for me:

Seafair passes and pins (hydroplane races)
Seattle Sounders gift pack
Seattle Seahawks gift pack
Seattle International Film Festival passes
Experience Music Project tickets
Woodland Park Zoo tickets
9 years 3 months ago #167057 by Ninja4Good
Replied by Ninja4Good on topic Ultimate Donation List
Hi Crusader,

I always send out my emails with as much personal information that I have. For example, I will look up names and titles and direct my emails to specific people/contacts or departments. The idea is to make a personal plea, not a bulk plea sent out to a mass audience. Your results will be better if you personalize your requests.

Good luck to you!

9 years 3 months ago #167056 by Lin
Replied by Lin on topic Ultimate Donation List
How did you get Eastern Pen. are other good ones for the Phila area. Our school is not too far away.
9 years 3 months ago #167055 by jennik24
Replied by jennik24 on topic Ultimate Donation List
I ask the G.M. directly for hotel stays to go with dining & entertainment? For instance, we are located in Illinois and I'm putting package for Destin, FL together. I have go cart passes, dining gift cards, dolphin cruise, & a few stores at the outlet mall. The General Manager actually did better than a hotel stay....we ended up with a 2 bedroom condo for 3 nights!
9 years 3 months ago #167054 by fundraiser mom
Replied by fundraiser mom on topic Ultimate Donation List
Just chiming in that "package" might mean Disney passes for a place like Florida, airplane tickets, etc.
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