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Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?

18 years 9 months ago #65724 by ptohyeah
We used the garden theme for volunteer appreciation last year. The slogan was "A Garden of Thanks For All You Do!" I did a bulletin board to look like a flower garden with silk flowers. I may use it for teacher appreciation this year and put each teacher's name on a seed packet and put them among the silk flowers. It makes a really pretty board if I do say so myself. ;) As a gift we gave each volunteer a pansy planted in a flower coffee cup. Those aren't food ideas, but you might could use them somewhere.
18 years 9 months ago #65723 by Holly Eighmy
Hi DubbleDee,

I love doing Garden Party themes! Here's some of the things I've done in the past...

mini croisants (sp)
salads-- I put grated cheese, bacon bits, tomatoes, etc. on my "homemade" tiered tray. I bought 2 different sizes of terra cotta saucers (I think 10" & 12") as well as a terra cotta pot (I think it's a 6" or 8"). I placed the larger of the saucers down on the table, inverted the pot so the open end is facing down on the saucer then placed the other saucer on top of that. It looks darling and is very usful for the add-ins for the salad. I also had my lettuce in terra cotta pots. They're inexpensive and add so much to the theme and decor.

I grew real grass for centerpieces in the saucers with the plastic liner inside. I used Rye grass and it grows very quickly. You can have a small spade and hand rake as well as seed packets for decoration on the food table as well. What about giving each teacher a seed packet in their box with this attached..."Teachers make two ideas grow where only one grew before."

Watering cans also look nice as decorations or for holding real flowers.

If you come across a watering can with the straight tube like spout, you can use that for the "pitcher" for your tea & lemonade. The metal helps keep them really cold as well.

You can purchase those 6-packs of flowers and repot them into small terra cotta pots and have those grouped around the tables for decoration.

Okay, there are a couple of ideas I have used in the past.
18 years 9 months ago #65722 by pwalther
Replied by pwalther on topic RE: Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?
One thing I did with my salads to make it seem like more was to add meat. So like in the pasta salad add chicken or tuna. If you do a taco salad then you have beef. Just be careful if you have any vegetarians. I made that mistake, but I didn't know. I should have asked!! You could also maybe offer a light or cold soup. And even some plain rolls or crackers for those who might not want the turkey sandwich.

You are doing a great job and getting it all planned out now will make it a lot easier.

Don't forget about the using the brown butcher paper on the tables with the astroturf strip down the middle. It is pretty cheap for a foot wide strip from Home Depot.

Have Fun!!! Pam
18 years 9 months ago #65721 by dubbledee
I would like to thank everyone who offered suggestions directed to my earlier post concerning theme ideas for our upcoming Teacher/Staff luncheon during Appreciation Week in May. This was my first attempt at a discussion group forum. I am pleased with the way everybody generously contributed ideas. What a terrific support system -- :D !

I have decided to follow a "Garden Party" theme for the luncheon. It sounds like something that would work well in my middle school given the $$ restrictions and low number of volunteers. Special thanks to Pam for all her help and tips on how to create this experience.

I'm thinking about offering several different salads (maybe 6) plus small croissants filled with turkey breast slices and cheese. A featured caterpillar cake with additional "critter" cupcakes plus some "worms in dirt" (pudding idea from Jell-o). I also have considered offering some Sangria (non-alcoholic, of course) punch, flavored iced tea and lemonade.

This menu seems a little light -- any more suggestions for additional items to add to complement a Garden Party theme? I am referring to things such as additional foods, decorations and/or props to make this memorable? I will be providing for about 100 adults. :confused:
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