“Our elementary school hosts three events each year, a Reading Night, Math Night, and Science Night. The PTO decided to provide dinner for each of the activities. We offered chili dogs, chips, and drinks for one hour before the Reading Night event. We got an overwhelming response. The parents told us they were glad they didn’t have to worry about getting home from work and cooking dinner before going to the school. It was also the first time many of them had sat and eaten dinner together as a family for a while. We didn’t charge, but we did put out a donation container. We made enough money to pay for the food and a little extra. We also put very informative PTO brochures on all of the tables to let the parents know what PTO does and where the money we raise throughout the year goes. It was a huge success and we are looking forward to our next event, Math Night.”

Jennifer Osborn, Cass Midway Elementary PTO, Cleveland, Mo.