1. Contact Everyone

If there’s a list of potential committee volunteers, make sure every single one is contacted—and that none are told “No, thanks, we don’t need your help.”

2. Communicate Expectations

Make sure people know what is expected of their committee and what is not. If several committees will work together on a project, spell out what each group will do.

All the know-how you need to be an effective and successful parent group leader!

3. Utilize Strengths

Some people love taking the lead while others would rather work behind the scenes. Get to know members’ strengths and use them.

4. Be Open-minded

Listen to new ideas and incorporate them when possible. Committee meetings should be a place where everyone feels heard.

5. Be Empowered

When a decision needs to be discussed in detail, have committee members hash out possibilities and come to a decision; don’t wait for a general meeting.

6. Keep Good Records

Keeping good records and making sure they’re passed on helps new committee members build on past successes.