1. Night at the Museum: Arrange for your local science or children’s museum to bring some fun activities and mobile exhibits to the school, for display and discussion.

2. Rolling Along: Plan a designated night at the skating rink, bowling alley, or mini golf course, just for school families. Check whether management is willing to offer a discounted entrance fee.

3. All Fun and Games: Families can bring their favorite board games from home to play and share with others. Think about including games that get people moving or are interactive or educational.

4. “C” Is for Cookie: What’s yummier than a cookie-tasting event? Cut each one into several pieces and have tasters vote for their favorite. Offer a $25 gift card to the winner if it’s a bake-off; if the cookies are store-bought, charge a small amount for each vote and then donate the collected money to charity.

5. Let It Snow: If your school is in a cold climate, make the weather work for you by holding a snowman-building night; publish a picture of the winning creation and its sculptor in the next newsletter. Warm up afterward with some hot cocoa.

6. Frozen Treats: Hold an ice-cream social with less mess by offering ice-cream sandwiches instead of cups or cones, or see whether a local vendor will partner with you to set up and serve.