Wanted to give a big shout out to the PTO Today Teacher Wish List grant winners!  Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  • Ririe Elementary School - Ririe, ID

  • Centennial Academy - Littleton, CO

  • Lakewood Elementary -Twin Lakes, WI

  • Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet - Newburgh, NY

  • Nolachuckey Elementary - Greenville, TN

  • Meadows Elementary -St Louis, MO

  • 66943 Skipwith Elementary - Richmond, VA

  • Coronado Elementary - Amarillo, TX

  • Berryton Elementary - Berryton KS

  • Hollister Elementary School - Hollister, MO

These ten PTO Today grants are added to the 100 grants given by Teacher Wish List and Bounty. That’s a total of 110 schools that have received Teacher Wish List grants! It makes me smile to think of all the school supplies that these grants bought!  And the best is yet to come. Next week Bounty will announce the winner of the $25,000 art room makeover! Stay tuned…

Have you signed up your school for Teacher Wish List yet?  What are you waiting for? Order a free kit to get started or visit the Teacher Wish List site. The teachers at your school will thank you!