05 29 Things to do before school endsI know you’re tired and looking forward to a break, but you’ll be really happy (and your group and school will be better off for sure) if you tackle these three end-of-year steps:

1. Have your books reviewed. This should be a habit. You don’t have to use an accountant, and your treasurer shouldn't feel threatened by it. It's an impersonal, automatic process that should be part of your group's standard operating procedure. It's a review of checks and account balances -- a double-check of monthly statements -- to make sure balances on paper match with those reported. A quick look for red flags (like significant cash withdrawals or checks made out to cash) is also a good process. Here’s a great primer on checks and balances and handling cash.

2. Keep some budget for next year. I’m a huge believer in starting the new year with funds in the bank so that you can invest in involvement at back-to-school rather than jumping right into your fundraisers. Involvement first, fundraising second is my mantra

3. Get your school’s supply lists posted in the National School Supply Lists Directory at TeacherLists.com so that your parents can find them easily (even right on their smartphones) all summer long. Plus, your school can win a faculty lounge makeover or $15,000 for posting.