“I am the event coordinator for our PTO and I came up with an idea this year to give the teachers a 'Welcome Back to School Sack.' We thought this would be a neat appreciation gift for the teachers. We put all the items in a brown lunch sack and then tied them shut with raffia and then cut out the poem below and pasted it on a red paper apple as the tag. We then sat them on each teacher’s desk before school started.”

Welcome Back to School!

Paper Clips: To help you hold everything together this year!
100 Grand Bar: We know the work you’ll do this year will be worth more than $100,000!
Ruler: We hope this year really measures up!
Whoppers: We hope you have a whopper of a year!
Goldfish: We hope this year will be O’fish-ally the best year!
Notepad: A note to say we have the best teachers!
Pen/Pencil: Thank you for helping our children write the future!
Extra Gum: You are an extra special teacher!

Have a Great School Year! The PTO

Torie Oldfield Raymond, Central Elementary PTO, Valparaiso, Neb.