T-Shirt Slogan and Design Ideas for 5th Grade Graduation (and More)

Clever, relevant, and oh-so-topical sayings for spring 2021 to honor your graduating students.


Whether you call it a graduation, moving-up ceremony, or the end of one of the weirdest school years on record, commemorate this year-end rite of passage with a T-shirt your kindergarten, 5th, 6th, or 8th grade students will want to wear now—and then save for a very cool T-shirt quilt later.

Pandemic Graduation T-Shirt Slogans

[School Name] Class of 2021
Ready to conquer virtually anything!

We made history!
2021 Done
[School Name]

Friends theme:
The one where I went to school during a pandemic
[School Name] 2020-2021

[School Name] Class of 2021: Remote Edition

Use a WiFi symbol for the “o”:
5th Grade Strong
No Matter the Distance

[School Name] 5th Graders
Quarantined Class of 2021

Substitute “21” for “z” and “i”:
[School Name] Class of 2021
The one where we were ama21ng! 

Livin’ the Dream
[Elementary School Name] 2021
Takin’ the Risks
[Middle School Name] Class of 2026

The Masked Class

Lots of balls in the air? Show those year-end PTO tasks who’s boss before summer

General Graduation T-Shirt Sayings 

Among Us game theme:
Nothing sus about us
[School Name] Class of 2021

Team 5th Grade—Finish Strong

Straight Outta 6th Grade
Class of 2021

I graduated 5th Grade, Class of 2021

Goodbye [Elementary School Name]
Hello [Middle School Name]
Class of 2026

6th Grade Squad

5th Grade: Nailed It!

Next Stop: Middle School!


Students vote on one defining word to put on the front of the shirt, such as “Believe”; the back of the shirt shows the grade and school name

The words “Sixth Grade” with student signatures written inside

Spiritwear for next year—middle school logo and colors (if students are going to different schools, this might take some coordination)

Mascot Graduation T-Shirt Ideas

Broncos: We’re a big deal

[High school mascot] in the Making (e.g., “Mountie in the Making”)

Once a Panther, Always a Panther

Lions, tigers, bears, or similar: Paw print with student signatures inside each pad

Dual-language: Include the word “Pride” in the immersion language (e.g., “Wildcat Orgullo” for a Spanish-English school)

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