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Your group can't do its great work without strong financial policies and a sound budget. Whether you're the PTO or PTA treasurer or a member concerned about protecting funds, you'll find tons of ideas and help on money management in the articles below. Yes, we even cover PTO and PTA embezzlement. Find more helpful tools and info on the Finance & Budget resources page.

  • CT PTO embezzle (plus some heated comments)

    Embezzle cases  -- like this $10k case in Connecticut-- drive me crazy for many reasons
  • One of those months for Parent Group stealing cases. Ugh.

    Over the ten years, we've been tracking PTO and PTA embezzle stories, two things have been true:  1) they just don't seem to ever go completely away; and 2) there have been several periods where the volume seems to pick up markedly.  Sadly, I think we're in one of those up-cycles now.  (Guess we should call it a down-cycle.
  • Recession Busters

    The down economy doesn’t have to keep your group from having a great year. Try these tips for success when money and resources are tight.
  • How PTOs Are Adapting to Hard Economic Times

    PTOs everywhere are bracing for lower fundraising returns and tighter budgets at school and at home. We talked to parent group leaders about how they're getting through it.
  • Higher Fuel Costs Mean Fewer Field Trips

    Rising costs are a problem for most school districts, survey finds.
  • Money Talk: Deciding how to spend parent group funds

    In the January issue of PTO Today magazine we ask how you would handle this situation...
  • Lowe's Grant Winner

    Love the smiling faces on these Mississippi PTO leaders, as they celebrate receipt of dollars to complete their playground pavilion.
  • PTOs Filling Budget Gaps

    Arizona feature looks at just how important parent group efforts have become in providing key resources for cash-strapped schools.
  • Theft Happens

    We won't call it our monthly theft update, but sometimes it seems that way.
  • Joe Rice -- Our Hero

    Let's see a state legislator who understands the value of PTOs and PTAs and proposes legislation making their lives easier???  Yeah, we like that guy.  A lot.
  • Keep Your Money

    In a man-bites-dog story, this Minnesota school is telling the very successful school foundation to keep its money. And it's a big chunk of change, too (hundreds of thousands in past few years).  The issue:  continued disputes over the influence and voice the foundation should have in how school uses the funds.
  • The Theft Report

    The hits keep coming... and the need for putting common-sense financial controls in place remains as well as the need for the smart investment in parent group insurance.  It's part of our leadership job to protect these funds.  C'mon folks... you can do this.  Don't wait.
  • Lowe's Toolbox Grants

    We couldn't be more proud of our affiliation with Lowe's and the Toolbox for Education program or more thankful for Lowe's support of PTOs and PTAs nationwide. It's the only comprehensive grant program focused exclusively on the work of school PTO sand PTAs -- and Lowe's has now given millions to groups through this effort.
  • Fundraisers now Sales Tax Exempt in CO

    More good news on the PTO front this week, this time from Colorado. Seems that a group of enterprising high school students successfully lobbied to have sales tax requirements removed from school support efforts. Book fairs, bake sales, concessions and the like all covered.
  • Big Embezzle in LA

    Wow -- $65k is definitely one of the biggest embezzles we've seen.This one from a middle school PTA treasurer in California.
  • Big California Embezzle

    Few details at this point, but former volunteer under arrest in $40,000 theft. Hope these guys have insurance.
  • Who's Fundraising? PTO or School?

    This Washington Post column brings up an interesting issue -- why are Principals fundraising (especially when they have an active parent group already doing so?
  • Field Trip Fees a No-No in Iowa

    Interesting ruling in Iowa, where state Board of Ed tells schools that they can not charge fees for school-day, curriculum-related field trips. Such fees are akin to tuition, rules the Board.
  • The Economy and Fundraising

    How's your fall fundraiser going?This Lancaster (PA) feature takes a critical look at some early-return fundraising struggles for area schools. My take on the current situation included in the piece.
  • Fundraising Auction Results and the Economy

    Jon Carson over at the cMarket blog shares some interesting early-returns data on school auctions this year. The upshot: no big surpirse -- looks like the big, big donations and the big, big bids are down a bit this fall. But thankfully, broad support for the lower-level items seems to be holding steady.