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January 2019
We have held spirit day fundraisers at our local Chick-fil-A (Hawks Creek) and they have always been amazing. It is the easiest fundraiser for us. They even make all the promotional flyers so you just have to hand them out to the school. Our whole community gets involved. Plus their food is delicious so you can't go wrong. They are always doing things for our community and this is just another way they give back. Thank you!
March 2018
We always love all of the staff and management at our local Chick-fil-A. There are two locations that we have worked with and they are both phenomenal! They welcomed us to stand in the dining room to greet and visit with the customers and we always receive our money in a timely manner. Can't say enough great things about working with Chick-fil-A!
December 2017
We have been having Chik-fil-A nights for our school for the past 4 years. They make it so easy! They reserve a space in their restaurant for us to do special giveaways, and even send the Chik-fil-A cow to our school on the day of the event to get all the kids excited. The manager usually stops at school after our event and drops off several hundred coupons for free sandwiches. In addition to this, they donate breakfast trays for our “Sweet Start” breakfast event. They are wonderful to work with!
November 2017
We love our local Chick-fil-a Westchester Commons. They do a wonderful job in setting up a space for us to do a "Spin the Wheel" game where we can sell $1 spins for CFA freebies in exchange. My only wish is that we would be able to walk around and ask people to donate their receipts or put up posters/notifications somewhere more than just Facebook posts. We did cut back our participation this year from monthly to once each 9 weeks - hoping that it would present us with better return. So far - it's been a success!
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