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Chuck E. Cheese

Plan your next fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese and receive: • A 15-20% donation • Promotional materials • Stickers for 10-free-tokens • A visit from Chuck E. at your school

November 2017
This was such a great experience. The students were very excited to go to Chuck E Cheese, and the parents that Caleb to the fundraiser had a blast. Hoping to get a Friday event booked for next year so that more families are able to attend! Thanks.
November 2017
Our private school of 170 students has used ChuckECheese family fun nights as fundraisers for the past 2 years. Each year we've made around $300. The parents love that they can help the school by going to a place they normally would go anyways! Staff enjoy getting a free meal and a trip in the ticket blaster. It is by far our students favorite fundraiser and they especially love to see ChuckE the mouse at the school, 10 free tokens for all students is a nice bonus as well! The favorite part for us as the PTO is it is STRESS FREE!! Definitely should give it a shot if you've been thinking about it!
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