Question: Spending money on a single grade?

Last year, our president approved the purchase of two speaker systems for our kindergarten. The principal had asked if the PTA would purchase these at a total cost of $3,600. Now he is asking for another speaker system for the same grade (an additional $1,800). Is this something that the PTA should pay for? Shouldn’t money raised be used for the entire school? Are we supposed to be supplementing the school’s budget?

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Advice from PTO Today

Elly writes:

Many PTAs and PTOs do raise money specifically to fill the gaps where their district’s budgets fall short. Elly know many groups that have shelled out thousands for school equipment and building enhancements like yours. Whether your group should grant your principal’s request really depends on whether your members agree that it’s a worthy cause and that it falls within your PTA’s mission, scope, and budget.

Elly has no problem with groups spending money on projects that are grade-specific or that only benefit some students. In Elly’s opinion, projects such as a kindergarten readiness program or an after-school tutoring session for 4th grade math are worthwhile expenditures. But you’ll want to bring up the speaker system for a vote and find out what parents at your school think.

At any rate, it can’t hurt to have a sit-down with the principal; that way, you can go over expectations together. And getting the principal on your side now will make it a whole lot easier for you and your group to help the school.

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