Question: president qualifications.

Good morning. I have a question: can the PTO president also be the principal of the school if he is a parent of two children at the school? Some are wondering if that is a conflict of interest. Is there something in your bi-laws that specifically says he cannot be the PTO president?

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lharac writes:
Questions like this one are almost always determined by a group's own bylaws -- if the bylaws don't exclude the principal or other specific people (teachers, for example) from holding a board position, then it's allowed. There aren't any "master bylaws" for PTOs or other independent parent groups -- each individual group decides its own bylaws, policies, and governing rules (although there are certainly some common practices shared by many different groups.) If your group doesn't have bylaws at all, check out the samples in the Bylaws/Policies section of the File Exchange.

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