Question: circumstances when it comes to PTO candidates

Who says that you have to stop being part of the PTO after your kids have reached high school age?

Asked by katraymond



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Involvement changes at the high school level, with booster clubs and the like, but lots of high schools have successful PTOs. Usually the PTO is more in a role of supporting groups organized by kids than creating a whole roster of activities as at the elementary level. But parent groups often organize the graduation party, help out clubs, sponsor field trips, and organize special events like a prom dress exchange, for example. If you're more interested in continuing on with the elementary or middle school PTO even though your children are no longer in the school, I think that's great. Although some groups limit membership to parents and guardians of children in the school, I personally think all groups should accept help from anyone willing to offer it. If you volunteer, I bet you won't be turned down.

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