Question: incentives

Are there companies that offer free products to use as incentives for elementary school students?

Asked by christina gray



Advice from PTO Today

bblake writes:
There are many companies that have programs for schools but not sure there are free incentives associated with them. On the Auction pages of our message boards, there are companies that donate to schools. Here's the link:

Community Advice

clayboggess writes:
Fundraising companies normally provide a complementary prize program if schools are selling one of their brochures. However, there are things that the school can do to further boost sales on their own, regardless of whether they spend money on extra incentives or not. There are ways to incorporate incentives that don't cost money, but even free incentives will take a little time and effort to implement effectively. To get the most "bang for their buck", schools should have a promotional strategy already in place before their sale starts. We always recommend offering extra prizes because they've been proven to increase sales. For more information, see additional fundraising ideas

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