Question: Using PTO funds to support gifted or tutoring program

Is there anything legally that would not allow a PTO group to offer funds to support a tutoring program or gifted child program? Our school recently did away with these and our PTO would like to help. There seems to be hesitation saying that the PTO cannot give funds for "personnel services". Would this program have to be strictly on a volunteer basis then?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
There's no legal/tax reason you can't donate money to the school for a program like that. The hesitation may be that the school doesn't want to commit to salaries that are funded through the PTO -- they may view that as an unreliable source of money for an ongoing program. If your priorities change or your fundraising declines, you may decide not to continue to fund the program, leaving the school or district on the hook. Depending on the scope of the program you have in mind, there are probably reasonable work-arounds, like hiring contractors rather than regular employees.

Community Advice

Tutor Doctor writes:
Try contacting your local Tutor Doctor. You might be able to get them to sponsor a Homework Club at little or no charge to you.

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