Question: How do you dismiss students safely from an after school event?

We have a Halloween party for 3-5th graders and it lasts from 6-8. Dismissing students to the right parents is kind of a nightmare that takes forever. Any ideas?

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Rose H writes:
It is definitely time consuming, but it is really critical to hand off a child directly to his or her parent/guardian. You may want to have a volunteer with a clipboard and list of all attendees names and then have other parents help connect a child with a parent picking up. You may even want to consider having a parent present his or her driver's license if it is someone you have never met.

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SMPTO writes:
Hi - thanks - that's how we do it now and it's quite time consuming and a little chaotic given the space we have. i was hoping someone had other ideas that were outside the box, like using wristbands that are sent home prior to identify pick-ups or some other way of matching kids with parents easily.

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