Question: PTO fundraiser money vs school money

Our PTO could not physically do a fundraiser (normally handled by a parent volunteer). PTO refused to handle, because only two on the PTO board and no time to ask volunteers. The Prinicipal said the student council will handle and the company of the fundraiser was allowed to speak to the children directly. The fundraiser did well, but now the Principal will not turn over the funds to the PTO. She says that the school is entiltled to the money and will designate the money for the item the PTO is raising the money. There is no guarantee that this money will be used for the item. So the PTO offered to give her the money we collected and she says the two funds cannot be mixed. Is this correct? Is there a law?

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bblake writes:
I know that a 501c3 organization can donate funds to another 501c3 organization or charity. A lawyer would know the answer to the question about mixing two funds.

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