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We recently switched over from pta to pto. The officers were appointed by the schools principal. Recently we were told that we had to register with the pta. And their our organization was illegally organized.

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Rockne writes:
Hi Charo - Not sure what you're asking here. Think we need some more details. Who told you you were not legally organized/ Obviously, it's not illegal to be a PTO. Just not sure what's happening here. Glad to help, if you provide more detail. Tim

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charoliver2003 writes:
Thanks, for your reply. The president of our PTO called me and said he received a phone call from a PTA representative asking to set up a meeting with both he and myself. According to this PTA reppresentative we have to be a part of the pta instead of being a part of the PTO. I've always thought that you had the right to choose what entity you wanted to organize in the school, verses being told that you had to remain under the PTA. I just wanted to know is it legal to force the school to remain under the PTA...Thanks~Charlotte

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Rockne writes:
No, sounds like a powerplay. You're right that it's perfectly OK to be a PTO. Only exception would be if -- and this is fairly rare -- your district has some kind of policy mandating a certain structure. I have major issues with such policies, but I have seen them in place. From what you're describing, doesn't sound liek that's what's going on here. No matter how you disbanded (perhaps the PTA leader is going to say you didn't follow the prescribed disbanding procedures to a T), at this point you've likely had no PTA membership drive. And no members = no PTA, no matter how it's sliced. Tim

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