Question: invalid member election

former trustee was nominated and elected to new position as treasurer. member from floor was nominated as trustee and elected. in subsequent weeks, new trustee was found to be ineligible to run for office per membership requirements. Association board removed newly elected treasurer and returned her to position as trustee and reinstated former treasurer. I say newly elected treasurer remains in office and new election is held to replace ineligible trustee.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I agree with you -- the original election for trustee is void, so there should be a new election. Of course, the treasurer could resign and run for that position. Then, depending on what your bylaws say about how vacancies are filled, the executive board might be allowed to simply appoint the former treasurer to the post. But the board doesn't have the right to simply remove a treasurer, especially without cause, who has been elected to the office.

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