Question: Fundraiser Money between PTO vs School Funds

in Finance & Budget Our PTO could not physically do a fundraiser (normally handled by a parent volunteer). PTO refused to handle, because only two on the PTO board and no time to ask volunteers. The Prinicipal said the student council will handle and the company of the fundraiser was allowed to speak to the children directly. The fundraiser did well, but now the Principal will not turn over the funds to the PTO. She says that the school is entiltled to the money and will designate the money for the item the PTO is raising the money. There is no guarantee that this money will be used for the item. So the PTO offered to give her the money we collected and she says the two funds cannot be mixed. Is this correct? Is there a law?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Wow... First of all, I'm not surprised the school wouldn't turn over the money to the PTO after the PTO declined to run the fundraiser. I can't really imagine any school doing that. It's an accounting issue, for one thing. Your PTO can certainly donate money to the school. What you can't do is control how that money is used once you donate it. You can say "here's $5,000 for the new playground." But once you donate it, that money belongs to the school to do as it wishes. If everybody is approaching this issue in good faith, you should be able to work something out. But it sounds like you may need a meeting with the principal to clear the air and let her know what she can and can't depend on you for. Finally, you should make time to find volunteers. You'll get a lot more accomplished if you focus on recruiting help as your number one priority. Here's one article on building involvement. You'll also find lots more on our Volunteers & Involvement page. Good luck!

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dora56 writes:
Your right the PTO should have run the fundraiser, but before the end of the previous year the PTO and the Principal decided not to sell the coupons books (documented in the minutes). Parents complained not enough local coupons for the area and parents felt forced because books were sent home first and then ask for payment or return the coupon books. The PTO was under the decison that no coupon books were going to be sold. Then a parent (works for the company) came in and spoke only to the Prinicpal and convenienced her to do the fundraiser. Now at the beginning of the new year she wants to put the fundraiser in our hands. Bottom line the Prinicpal was angry that we said No. The money is now in the District hands and it will go to the school. Lesson learned documentation and clarify who will get the profits if the PTO is unable to handle a fundraiser. DON"T TRUST people's word, DOCUMENT! DOCUMENT!

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