Question: Any suggestions for fun science enrichment?

Any suggestions for fun science enrichment?

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CatGirl writes:
Hey there! Last year our school had a Science Family Fun Night. It was a huge hit, kids and parents are still talking about it, and I'm sure we'll do it again this year. There were several different stations for different activities. One was building a small boat out of tin foil, then seeing how many marbles you could float on it before it sank (water displacement was the lesson), another had pencils and rubber bands and you built any kind of sructure with only these two items. We got some great towers out of that project, I honestly can't remembe the other activities, I was chasing around my five year old at the time and taking pictures ;) It was a blast, low cost, and fun for everybody! I'm sure you can easilty find other activities, just start asking people and poke around on the web.

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