Question: Holiday Shop

For years my school had a 3day holiday shop but due to lack of daytime volunteers, we're switching a night-time holiday shop. Has anyone done this before? A Holiday Shop for the kids to shop in at night time? How did you organize? We want to try to keep as much of the 3day Shop details as possible. We're beginning by turning it into a family fun event, we have space for a Paint Your Own Ceramics company to come in, a Santa's Cafe, and a separate space for the holiday shop. We also thought we'd enlist local teen community service volunteers to help the little ones shop.

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kimtoot writes:
We do the shop during the day but have one night as a family shopping night. If you do this, try to time it the same time as other events going on at the school. We have a Christmas choir concert and an art fair the same night and that works out well to bring people in. Good luck!

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