Question: Number of members on PTO Board

Our PTO Board only has two members a Secretary and Treasurer with vacancies in the Presidents and Vice-Presidents positions. We've gotten through the year okay. No one wants to be President or V.P. Any suggestions to get people interested for next year?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Usually people are afraid of the time commitment and the work load/responsibility. Anything you can do to calm those fears will make it easier to find volunteers. You need to show people that they won't be on an island -- that there's plenty of support and that the job has well defined parameters. If you don't have one, write a job description and a bulleted list of duties. A binder with some basic reference material to help someone do the job would also be helpful. Beyond that, think creatively about your board. Can you split the president's job into two parts, a president and a co-president or first vice president? What about having a board chairman instead of a president -- someone who helps keep things organized but may not feel she's responsible for everything the group does? You could have several board members who agree to help out but only have the secretary and treasurer fill specific offices. I'd recommend the article Procedures Book: Your PTO Instruction Manual -- it really does help to put one together.

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