Question: can one school's PTA dissolve into another school's PTO

Our school is closing. We have a PTO. The school that is taking our kids has a PTA, but wants to become a PTO. Can our PTO change it's name/location (they would dissolve their PTA into our PTO) or do we both have to dissolve and start new?

Asked by schoeneckmom



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You can certainly bring your bylaws and structure to the new school. You will need to modify your bylaws and mission statement to reflect the new school. If you are incorporated, you would have to amend your articles of incorporation. If your group is a 501c3 charity, you would also need to notify the IRS of these amendments.

Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Just to clarify, I wouldn't present it as "dissolving their PTA into your PTO". I'd just call it "dissolving that PTA". And then -- yes -- the existing PTO could certainly be amended as Craig describes to become a PTO for the newly combined school. The easiest thing is to not talk of "combining the two entities". You're shutting down one entity (because you don't need two) and keeping one alive. Tim

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