Question: Inflatables

Our group is in the process of renting inflatables for field day event. Please advise.

Asked by Ibrahim963



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tara lucio writes:
We own an inflatable business and we set up our units at many field day events. First of all, make sure the company you rent from is fully insured, at least $1,000,000. It's also a plus if workers are certified inflatable operators. Get recommendations from people who've rented inflatables before as to quality of service and cleanliness of the units. Jumpers are good for younger kids. Anywhere from 8 to 12 kids can jump at once. Giant slides are tons of fun for older kids. You can get a lot of kids on/off a slide per hour, depending on size of slide. Games such as sumo wrestling or boxing only serve 2 people at a time, but they're lots of fun, too. One responsible adult should supervise each unit. Inflatables should not be set up if winds exceed 25 mph.

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