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when you have a Board Meeting and the Secretary made up the agenda and should there be issues on the agenda. if you have any issues with anyone on the board and how they are doing?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It depends to a certain extent how formal your board meetings are and what the issue is. If the topic you want to discuss isn't on the agenda, you can bring it up under "new business." An appropriate topic to discuss would be, for example, the fact that the meeting minutes haven't been ready for the past three meetings and we need a system to make sure that they get done. If your topic is more like the secretary's not carrying her weight and needs to shape up, that's not appropriate for a public meeting. First, you should discuss the situation with her privately. Find out if there's a problem that's preventing her from doing her job. Approach it in a helpful rather than confrontational way. Maybe you should appoint an assistant, or a co-secretary to help her out, for example. If you feel the need to discuss this at a meeting and your meetings are both public and formal, you would typically do it in (a closed) executive session. In other words, you would announce that you're gong to discuss a personnel matter, and spectators would be asked to vacate the room until you are through. That's a very unusual step for a PTO, however, and I hope your situation doesn't merit that.

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