Question: Difference between Board meetings and General meetings

We have our general meetings down, but I am having trouble convincing the new board that we need to continue to have separate Executive Board meetings. What is usually on the agenda for Executive Board Meetings?

Asked by adfilson



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Executive board meetings are a really good idea. No question, you don't want to have too many meetings, but the board should meet to address issues and concerns that do not need to be -- or shouldn't be -- discussed at the general meeting. Figure out a schedule that fits for everyone and recommend that these new board members keep an open mind.

Sometimes, board members should meet to discuss the merits of certain programs, how to address certain conflicts with group members, and if there's a need to make a quick decision, say about spending a small amount of money on an unexpected request/event.

In this article about executive boards, there's a great section that goes into more detail about reasons for executive board meetings.

Good luck!

Community Advice

rinkie73 writes:
It's usually pretty easy to do the board meetings if you do them 30 min. before the regular PTO meeting each month. It has worked for our group for a number of years.

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