Question: Wheh is it okay to donate

Does donating money towards a sign for the community violate the bylaws?

Asked by moemav



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The answer -- and maybe not the one you want to hear -- is it depends. Actually, it's not your bylaws you should be concerned with, it's your mission. If your mission is some version of "to help the students and the school," then you should look at the sign question from that angle. Does the sign benefit your students or your school? Paying for a crosswalk sign on a common route to school, for example, could easily be considered a benefit for students. Likewise, paying for a sign in front of the school falls into that category. A sign saying "Welcome to Cedarville" probably doesn't. Look at your possible expenditure from that angle. In the end, it might just depend on how broad your members want to be with their definition of your mission. If you're talking about donating $50, then you might tend to be more community minded. If it's several hundred, that's probably a different story.

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