Question: a few bad apples

Our PTO has a great Board. We all work well together. I feel the board was elected by it's members to make decisions. We have about 5 people who always cause some kind of trouble and fight us no matter what we do. We have been getting really good feedback from the rest of the members . These few are always arguing and threatening to try to have the board removed for not following by-laws which we all do. How can we deal with these few moms who thrive for drama and having everyone upset all the time.

Asked by kooey9



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Rondanash writes:
At least your PTO has bylaws. The parent group at my sons school has nothing in place so I am challenging that but your bylaws are your bible have the 5 prove to you that you are doing things wrong. I am president of a different kind of a group and I have two challenging me so I keep putting them on the agenda and they cant show anyone that bylaws are violated. Also you may have a young attorney in your town that can sit in as a bylaws "expert" this may stop them also. Good luck This should never be this difficult you are there for the kids and remind them of that. Also if your bylaws dont give provision for getting rid of disruptive mothers or fathers amend your bylaws and then write the mothers a letter enforcing your bylaws. could come around and bite them in the rear.

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