Question: How do other PTOs handling purchasing?

Do other groups buy in bulk or buy in limited quantity for specific events? Our group favors buying in bulk, but finding/organizing storage space and having a current list of supplies on hand is getting to be a problem. Do other PTOs designate a single person to do the bulk of buying? Our group favors the Treasurer making most purchases. The Treasurer is also responsible for reconciling the books and presenting expense reports. I'm wondering if the person doing the buying should be different from the person balancing the books.

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gjcoram writes:
The insurance we get from PTO Today requires a non-signer on the bank account to review the bank statements and that we have an annual audit. The Treasurer is certainly the person who should be balancing the books (and then passing the information on for review). If your Treasurer is willing to do the extra work, that can be helpful -- I know some stores are picky about following the letter of the law on sales tax exemption (in MA, the purchase must be with funds controlled directly by the exempt organization, ie, the PTO checkbook, rather than by an individual who gets reimbursed). You should consider what controls/audits you want in place, and get the treasurer on board -- the treasurer might like to have the board formally request various supplies, so that no one accuses him/her of buying too many pencils.

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