Question: Changing bylaws with "voting" members

We need to update/change our bylaws. Currently we do not have paying members. We've made it clear that if you are a parent at our school, you are automatically a member. Do we need 2/3 of all members to vote new bylaws in or can it just be 2/3 of the members present at the meeting? Is this a legal issue?

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atonjes writes:
Change your bylaws to define a "quorum" which is how many members you need to vote an issue and have it stand. Our bylaws (a 300+ family school) state "The members present at a regularly scheduled meeting of the PTO with at least one officer, who shall act as the meeting chair, shall be deemed to constitute a quorum and shall have the power to transact organizational business." Typically, we have about 10 people attend each meeting, which I suspect is pretty typical out in the world. If we waited to have 200 people, we'd never get anything accomplished. Hope this helps! Mandy

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