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Has any one done this type of event, successfully and is willing to share how they did it? We are wanting to do one this year in conjunction with an outdoor movie night (renting one of those big inflatable screens). But, we have no idea how to do the chili part. I'd love some ideas, suggestions, etc. Thanks.

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ardevore writes:
We just held our 2nd annual Chili Cook-Off event and it has been a HUGE success! We run the event the first week of school as a welcome back to families. Chili entries are brought to school in crock pots and are set up in the cafeteria for tasting. For $5 per family, you get bowls, spoons, and voting rights. We sell drinks and ice cream, have music, and PTA info for the year. Families are super competitive and really get into decorating their table spaces and offering toppings and cornbread. Even some of our teachers enter chili!! We award winners in several categories (like Hottest, Teacher Favorite, and Best Table Presentation) and the prizes are family paks to our big Halloween Carnival. The overhead and set up is minimal and this year I think we even made a nice profit. It is a really really fun event!

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daddario writes:
Hey there! Planning an event like this sounds like an awesome idea, and combining it with an outdoor movie night adds an extra layer of fun. As for the chili part, you're definitely onto something delicious there!Here's where the expertise of David Saroni could really come in handy. With his culinary background and knack for creativity, he might suggest a chili cook-off as the highlight with David saroni of your event. Imagine inviting participants to bring their best homemade chili recipes, setting up tasting stations, and letting attendees vote for their favorites. It's a fantastic way to engage the community and add some friendly competition to the mix.

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