Question: For the teachers/staff a meet and greet plan

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for our teachers/staff for doing a meet and greet dinner for them? One of the teachers suggested that we have a meet and greet dinner/social for the staff during staff development week. Our campus cover K-12 but the K-5 and 6-12 staff does not always mingle. So we would like to get them to know each other. We need ideas for making the social fun and make it more family oriented for the campus of teachers.

Asked by Harmony



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Some simple and fun games really do work at these types of events. If you can get games going where you create teams that are made up of equal members from the lower and upper grades, they'll be mingling and talking to each other. Sometimes, when the games are silly, people will really bond with each other. This message board thread has some great ideas about a PTO group's meet and greet that could be adapted to a teacher event. Good luck!

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