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We had an election for the pres of our PTO between 2 people.The person who won had been co-pres for 2 yrs.Our principal pointed out that our old bylaws said that a person could not have a post for more than 2 yrs in a row.We have never inforced that bylaw.We have had several officers be in post for several yrs.The person who also ran for pres is not well liked and she has caused a lot of problems.Our principal said she won by default and then 2 other officers quit.So what do we do?Several parents want to start a petition to have the person who has been pres re-elected.We ended the meeting by saying the board will have to get people to fill the postions next school.Should we invite the parents that were at this meeting back to have a new election?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
In general, back tracking on the results of an election (even when everyone isn't thrilled with the results) is not a good idea. It undermines the election process and parents will lose faith in your group. A few other comments: Not sure why the principal is playing such a big role in the election process. The principal should be supporting the election in general and not getting too involved -- not sure what the principal even meant when she said the person won "by default.'' Also, were the two officers who quit newly elected? Perhaps they can reconsider resigning their posts -- that could go a long way in helping the organization move forward.  If the newly elected PTO president was elected in a fair manner, the other new officers might consider helping this person -- and therefore helping your whole organization -- get beyond this and start moving forward.

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